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Da Vinci Imports is the premier distributor of wholesale poker chips. With over 20 lines of poker chips to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Our poker chip lines are split up into several classifications based upon weight, material, and design. Our entry level poker chips are 7.5 gram solid color poker chips. The next step up are our most popular poker chips, the 11.5 gram composite 2 color and tri-color poker chips. These poker chips offer a great balance between quality, looks, and price. They also are the best to use for personalized poker chips. The next step up are our clay poker chips with no metal insert, which come in several 2 color designs and offer the most authentic casino feel and sound. Lastly, we now carry our own exclusive lines of poker chips, the Casino Da Vinci poker chips. Available in both clay and composite designs, these poker chips offer an authentic casino look and feel at a fraction of the cost of Paulson poker chips.

#311: 10 gr Tri Color clay no metal insert chips
clay no metal insert tri color chips for color inserts
#320: Solid Color Clay no metal insert poker chips
Blank solid color clay no metal insert 10 gram chips for color inserts
#325: Quad Color 14 gram Wheatear poker chips
Blank 14 gram poker chips featuring 4 colors per chip - Recessed center for custom inserts
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